Smart Shopper’s Tip – Compare DVD Rental Services

Savvy consumers know that you should research everything before you decide to make a commitment. When choosing an online DVD rental service, this is no different. Popular DVD rental services each offer something a little different. Read on to learn more about who offers what and how to compare DVD rental services to uncover the best fit for your rental habits.

Getting the best deal isn’t all about dollars and cents. It’s about how much you get out of a particular service. DVD rental services are all similar in some ways, but each company has something unique to offer. If you are a huge fan of specialty films, you would be happier with a service that specializes in such. Likewise, if you plan to use your membership to rent games as well as movies, you’d be wise to choose a DVD rental service that offers both.

Here’s the breakdown of who offers what amongst the top online DVD rental services…

Blockbuster Total Access

They call this Total Access for a reason – with Blockbuster’s service you have many options. There are over 85,000 titles to choose from in Blockbuster’s library. Flexibility is part of the design and you can rent movies online or at your local store all under the same account. This is great for impulse rentals and other times when you want a movie right now. dumpster rental manchester nj

Recently, Blockbuster has added new release downloads to their selection. What this means is that if you have a fast internet connection, you won’t need to wait to watch a movie. Just download to your hard drive and off you go. Perfect for super fast gratification.

Blockbuster carries new release titles as well as older films with the bulk of their catalog comprised of mainstream movies. Blockbuster does not offer any adult titles or video games, however they do carry some foreign and specialty films that are not part of the mainstream. They do carry a selection of TV shows on DVD as well, if this is something that you are interested in.


Netflix is the original online DVD rental service. They now offer over 100,000 titles available for rent. Netflix is primarily a DVD rental by mail service, however they also offer instant streaming for some films. Shipping with Netflix is super fast, likely because they have invested in infrastructure that means that your DVD’s don’t have far to travel back and forth.

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